Get skilled up. Get a client. Get paid. Learn 4 core digital marketing support services that you can use to get started as an in-demand virtual assistant or freelancer right away.
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Virtual Assistant Foundation.

Through screencast video tutorials, you’ll study in-depth client workflow processes for providing blog management inside WordPress, email marketing prep inside MailChimp, social media support inside Buffer and webinar funnel setup with Crowdcast.

Once you’ve got the VA Foundation skill set under your belt, continue with the course lessons for instructions on where to go, what to say and how to say it, to land your very first paying client and kickstart your location independent income.


Virtual Assistant Skill #1
WordPress Blogs

Learn how manage the content, technical and marketing aspects of your client's blog, using WordPress.


Virtual Assistant Skill #2
MailChimp Campaigns

Learn how to help your client with the planning, formatting and scheduling of their email campaigns, using MailChimp.


Virtual Assistant Skill #3
Buffer Social Media

Learn how to schedule social media posts to all of your client's social accounts, then analyze the results using Buffer.

Crowdcast Webinars

Virtual Assistant Skill #4
Crowdcast Webinars

Learn how to set up the webinar registration process integrated with email marketing automation, using Crowdcast.

LinkedIn and Strikingly Online Profiles

Set Up Your Virtual Assistant Profile

Follow the tutorial to create your free virtual assistant profile on LinkedIn and Strikingly, ready to start reaching out to clients.

Client Insights

Get Inside the Mind of Your Potential Client

Take notes as I interview a successful online business owner to drill down into their team task requirements.

Get Your First Client with Proactive Outreach

Get Your First Client with Proactive Outreach

Access the lists of groups and directories to begin shortlisting potential clients, then follow the process to contact each one.

Client Onboarding Process

Client Onboarding Checklist and Tools

For a smooth VA career start, take the lead in establishing the working relationship and task delegation processes.

Time Tracking and Invoicing

Get Paid for Your Digital Marketing Support Skills

Learn the process to track your VA task time and provide a professional invoice integrated with online payment processing.

Ready to get skilled up?

Learning the digital marketing support skills that clients are willing to pay for takes work and dedication, but it doesn't have to be hard or slow. Use this VA Foundation skills program to dramatically speed up the learning curve and set up a flexible work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

Virtual Assistant Foundation

Available exclusively inside 
The Paradise Pack in 2017

  • 12+ hours in-depth tutorials
  • Client workflow checklists 
  • Client onboarding checklist
Danielle Greason

Meet Danielle Greason, your virtual assistant skills trainer.

I headed off for Costa Rica with my family in 2011, with a return plane ticket and a dream to figure out a way that we'd never have to actually use it — to create a location independent income.  

With zero freelance experience and a Kindle copy of WordPress for Dummies, I started reaching out to business owners with an offer to help, and found myself with full-time ongoing VA work just four weeks into the trip abroad.

We never had to use that home-bound plane ticket!