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“The Online Biz Skills training helped in so many ways. There was an almost immediate return on investment- before I even completely finished the course! I was able to learn some of the highest paying skills since the videos were incredibly thorough. The training has paid for itself many times over! The whole course was amazing. I loved learning the actual skills, but the last unit was my favorite. It really goes through the "how-to" of starting to run your business and gives great pointers for working with your first clients.”

Megan Pennypacker - Quaint Social

— Megan Pennypacker,
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“The Online Biz Skills course was invaluable in setting in motion what I'd been searching for (in regards to online, location independent work). Without this course I would still be floundering. This course gives step by step direction in not only software, but also in how to gain and keep clients. The entire course is great, but I would have to say the most useful section was on how to Be Irreplaceable. It has so much information that is vital to using the skills taught successfully.”

Samantha DenBleyker - Virtual Assistant

— Samantha DenBleyker,
Blog, Social Media, & Email Marketing Support

“The Online Biz Skills training was the single most important factor to my most recent successes. Without it I would have not been where I am today and potentially would have wasted a lot of time not knowing how to focus myself and potentially given up before I had even started.

The course was affordable and helped me learn fast the packages and tools needed to succeed as a VA and in a tangible way that felt really accessible to me as a mother of two small children. Also I have to say, in the early days, when you are trying to figure out ‘how can I make money online?’, you really undervalue yourself, because you feel like you don’t have enough experience to be charging for the services you think you can deliver. So I was able to work and learn at the same time, which helped make some money, if only a little in the early days.

The course allowed me to organise myself and absolutely gave me an abundance of confidence to start treating my work professionally. For me it wasn’t just a case of changing career, I needed to earn money fast to survive, so the training tooled me up and allowed me to escalate my earnings rapidly. I learned how to use a lot of previously unknown online tools fast, without having to make a massive investment.

The structure of the course, having access to all the units all the time is very accessible so depending on how you approach it, you always feel like you have gained a new skill after finishing each unit.

The sections on how to get your first client, create your online profile and how to be invaluable to your client have been my biggest asset, because that is one of the biggest hurdles at first. With Danielle’s advice and approach to treat yourself professionally and deliver added value with your work, I have been able to double my fee in less than 6 months, gain two main clients who value my work and build a great profile for future work, whilst earning. All this using skills I never had six months ago.

The private mastermind group is such an amazing place to get support after the course. The webinars were really helpful too for those extra questions that pop up whilst training.

The sections on WordPress and landing page creation are some of the most sought-after skills business owners seek today. I had no skills at all in these areas so these have been the biggest asset to my current work.”

Louise Morris - My Business Jedi Virtual Assistant Services

— Louise Morris, My Business Jedi Virtual Assistant Services
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“The Online Biz Skills training was the pivotal point of my new life. It was the catalyst for taking my vision, setting it in motion and making it tangible. It gave me very clear, thorough and applicable technical skills in online marketing support. It gave me the confidence that this is actually a doable lifestyle, that I am qualified for this, and as long as I show up, I will be working online. It also gave me very practical tips to be organized and really make a difference in my clients’ businesses. The whole course from start to finish is useful and enjoyable, but I have to say that the unit entitled Become Irreplaceable is heavy in Gold.”

Gabrièle Béland - Virtual Assistant

— Gabrièle Béland, Online Marketing Support & Virtual Assistant Services
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“The Online Biz Skills training is the best course I've seen so far. It is very thorough in each system you learn, plus Danielle has a great way of encouraging you in the training and showing you each step to take along the way. I would consider myself brand new to all things techy and I never knew this type of work even existed. I have learned so much in the past year, but it's still only a drop in the bucket for me! This course has given me the confidence to look for work online and to never give up. Because I never knew about these online systems before, I enjoyed learning all of them! Right now I feel the most useful for me is the blog management unit, social media, all things about Gmail and Google Docs etc, and learning about Canva for design. I also love Infusionsoft, which is a challenging software to learn, but I love challenges.”

Meralyn Wall - Virtual Assistant

— Meralyn Wall, Virtual Assistant
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“I can’t say enough about the incredible training offered by Danielle Greason at Greason Media in the Online Biz Skills series. Even after just watching the free introductory videos, I sent in this comment:

THANK YOU for this series. After watching Danielle’s first video, I felt inspired to get set up first on oDesk, and then on Elance. I’ve earned $80 since Friday! Plus, I have an ongoing weekly writing contract as well as a likely second research/writing/data entry contract. It’s not yet to where I could support the family – but I’m really looking to supplement my husband’s income (as he builds up as well as his freelancing contacts), and $100/week easily covers groceries.

It didn’t stop there.

I’ve now been on oDesk and Elance for nearly two months, and I went from having a goal of making $25/day, to having contracts that are working out to a pay rate of $75 an hour…for 10 hours of work each week. By the end of March, I’ll likely be depositing nearly $1,000 a week into our bank account. That IS supporting my family – and on the part-time schedule I need in order to continue to wear my Wife, Homemaker, and Homeschool Mom hats at the same time!

I happened to find a niche in writing that is working well for me, and the skills I have learned so far with respect to online marketing implementation are making me more in-demand as a writer: I now understand how to write content with WordPress and SEO in mind, how to better use Google Docs for collaboration, and I have a clearer picture of what my clients are looking for (even when they’re not clear on that themselves!).

The private Facebook group is a fantastic resource; starting out as a new freelancer is daunting, and it’s invaluable to be able to ask other members of the group for advice, to celebrate victories together, or even share potential job leads.

As far as I’ve seen, there is nothing out there on the “How to Succeed as a Freelancer” market that gives its customers the job skills to get started as quickly as The Online Biz Skills course does. It was well worth the investment for me!”

Shannon Watson

— Shannon Watson, Freelance Writer

“When I discovered The Online Biz Skills course, I was immediately drawn to it. Danielle and Dan's story about wanting more than busy living parallel lives really resonated with me. I did think long and hard about undertaking the course, but ultimately decided that updating and increasing my skills would offer a great ROI. The course didn't disappoint. It's provided me with great learning resources, boosted my confidence and given me lots of insider tips and tricks.

I really liked that the course was structured so I could do it at my own pace. I decided to treat it like a full-time job and completed it within a month. I honestly don't think I would have progressed as far as I have without having done this course. It was the kick-start I needed!

I also love that after the finishing the course, the support is still there. I can revisit the course material at any time, ask questions and join in conversations via the Facebook group.”

Angela Eldering - A Scribing Hand

— Angela Eldering, A Scribing Hand
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“The Online Biz Skills training helped me translate and incorporate my previously learned secretarial skills into the world of online marketing and services. Not only that, but it opened up a world of services and business that I may not have ever heard of but could very easily have provided. I loved the fact that after being a stay-at-home mom for several years, I could get 'back' to work, on my own time, and on my own terms.

I love the fact that there is access to the program even after the training period is over and I have it as a resource I can review. It's so amazing and full of details that there is no way I could have retained it all the first time around. Danielle is a wonderful teacher and she explains things in a way that makes it easy to understand.

I loved the Being Irreplaceable Unit as it just brings all the skills together to help you understand how to be that amazing streamlined support, that you want to be for your clients. It is just so valuable.”

Angel Nicholson, Virtual Assistant

— Angel Nicholson, Virtual Assistant

“The Online Biz Skills training has helped immensely. Firstly, I was able to apply the skills taught in the videos to my own website, newsletters, landing page and social media. Simple things like using a featured image on a WordPress post, that has been sized and correctly optimized has not only improved my website but also enhanced my self taught knowledge.

Secondly, the course gave me the confidence to be able to offer these skills as services for real paying clients because Danielle's delivery style is very step by step, practical and gives lots of insider tips, and you know that she has done this before and has been very successful at it.

I have spent a lot of money on marketing courses where they have covered the high level aspects of what you need to have in place for an online business but not the actual detail of how to do it, and therefore they have not directly contributed to any income. Within 2 months of starting the Online Biz Skills course, and before completing it, I had secured my first client. It is the only course where I have actually seen a return on the investment and have recovered the cost of the course!

I absolutely love the videos in the course and the supporting templates which guide you through what you need to do for each area in a straight forward, step by step, clear manner. You really feel that you know exactly what to do when Danielle explains it.

I particularly liked Unit 8: Your Online Presence where Danielle takes you through exactly what you need to do to get yourself set up and noticed online. The setup of the Strikingly page was a revelation to me - it meant I didn't need to take ages to set up another WordPress site! The additional support that Danielle provides by reviewing your online profiles and giving you feedback is so useful because you know a professional has reviewed your work and has provided advice on how to improve your profiles in order to secure work.”

Lara Brockie

— Lara Brockie, Lara Brockie Consulting
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“The Online Biz Skills course is a complete resource of the skills, tools and mindsets you’ll need to get started as a virtual assistant in a short time. Learning the skills needed to provide support to other online business owners will give you a huge jump start, plus it will most likely fill in a lot of gaps if you’ve been trying to make it online for awhile. A big thank you to Danielle for the course and for providing excellent support to her students.”

Stephanie Pappas - Virtual Assistant

— Stephanie Pappas, Virtual Assistant

“I’m so thankful I took a chance on this course! Our family has spent quite a bit of money searching for a way to earn money online to become location independent. This course equips you with the essential skills as well as offering community support to get you making money online quickly!”

Debra McCormick

— Debra McCormick, Online Marketing Virtual Assistant

“I’m 17 years old, and I’ve taken lots of different courses on making money online, but none of their methods ever worked for me. Danielle’s course got me from 0 to weekly deposits in my bank account in about a month. Enough said!”

Jonathan McCormick

— Jonathan McCormick, Freelance Developer

“Danielle’s training in these videos is AMAZING!! It’s so thorough and inclusive. She’s giving it all to you — exactly what pays, what skills you need to know, where the money is (the ‘bread and butter’ as she likes to call it in her cute Aussie accent).“

Rachel Denning

— Rachel Denning,

“A few years ago while I was hustling at my ‘bridge job’ while growing my business, I met my friend, Danielle. It was one of those connections where I knew there was a bigger plan in place. I was immediately aware of her passion for her work, dedication and love for life and family, and her determination to see her dreams through.

When she told me she and her husband packed up their life in Australia and moved (with their 2 kids both under 2 years old at the time!) to Costa Rica, I thought to myself…

“You can actually do that?! Because I want that too.” For some reason I never thought that was possible for me but the seed had been planted.

Danielle had tapped open a part of me that was interested in learning how to create a lifestyle that fits my dreams of more time with my husband and loved ones, more time traveling and yes, more time living a life I love.

If you’re interested in becoming location independent, Danielle is the person to teach you!

She’s the reason I made the switch in my business to work virtually with my clients. This year I have plans on traveling to Scotland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Seattle, Boulder, Woodstock and more!”

Eliza Ceci

— Eliza Ceci,

“I learned about Danielle’s Online Biz Skills program at the most opportune time – my husband had just lost his job and I was a stay-at-home mother, so we needed a solution for our problems, fast. Thank you, Danielle, for offering such a comprehensive and amazing program! As someone with a direct marketing background who had been out of the market for a while, I felt my knowledgebase was outdated for today’s market. Through your course, I realized; 1) which of my existing skills would translate, 2) that I did, in fact, already have some online marketing experience under my belt, and 3) I could quickly pick up the tricks of the online marketing trade. Danielle, you’re an amazing facilitator, your passion is infectious, and your organization and clarity can’t be beat. I now feel confident I can manage both direct and online marketing projects virtually with grace, ease and a lot of fun.”

Ayesha Amin-Arsala

— Ayesha Amin-Arsala, Online Marketing Manager & Virtual Assistant

“I just want to say thank you so much for your words of encouragement and support and these wonderful videos! I have been struggling with my career for the last FIVE years and have reached the end of my sanity. I kept beating myself up for not making my own business ideas turn into something that could support me, and feeling guilty for wanting an alternative lifestyle but now I know it’s not all my fault. Just sharing your stories have helped so much and I do think the freelance thing will be my ticket to freedom, and THEN I will be able to catch my breath and focus on my own business ideas that allow me to do work I am passionate about.  
Thank you both so much for your kindness, support, and generosity. I have to drag myself into the office every day but sneaking those videos is a sanity saver. Most Sincerely...”

Caitlin Mandel

— Caitlin Mandel