How Megan Expanded Her Virtual Assistant Business into a Multi-VA Team in Less Than One Year

It's time for some virtual assistant business building inspiration!

Megan Pennypacker, fromOklahoma in the United States,is a mom of 2 who had never really planned on going backto work until her kids were out of school (homeschooling). Her whole perspective changed last year when she foundout about the option to build a career on her own terms, working from home as a virtual assistant.

It was June 2015 when she started her business, seeking out her very first clients as a solo virtual assistant. As her work volume and client base grew rapidly, she started to bring in amazing team members to work with her in supporting those clients and now, coming up to one year later, Megan has just launched her brand new business presence and online home,

Every time I've had the opportunity to chat with Megan through email or read something that she's shared on her blog or social media, it's like my heart does a great big exhale. I feel at peace and completely uplifted at the same time. Do you know that feeling I mean?

If I can feel Megan's authentic presence even virtually across the interwebs, there's no doubt many of her grateful clients have had a similar experience when making the decision to contract her and the Quaint Social team. But as an outsider, having had the privilege to observe her online business journey over these past 12 months, I can comfortably say that's not the only factor that's led to her growing success.

Megan is an exceptional communicator via email. She writes beautiful, warm emails whilst still keeping them succinct and right on point.

(Now Megan, if you're reading this, don't let me discourage you from writing me with a long story email any ol' time you feel like it - we're friends, it's different! :-) )

But I really wanted to point out this little (huge!) detail for the benefit of others getting started with their online careers, because I truly believe that clear, short, on-point and warm email correspondence significantly contributed to me having the opportunity to work with my ideal clients early on in my VA career as well. Busy people LOVE it when you just 'get it'. And successful, profitable, ideal clients are quite often... busy.

Megan loves learning and refining, and continually prioritizes time for expanding her digital skills. In this very first year in business, she's already invested the time and funds to study a total of 10 online courses. You can read more about that in her One Year Update post, right here.

Do you need to take 10 courses to start a successful virtual assistant business?

Nope, you don't - everyone takes their own unique approach to blending learning with earning as their career grows. But I would absolutely say that a love of continual learning and a profitable online business of any kind sure do seem to go hand in hand.

Okay, so now that I've been able to share with you just a little glimpse from my perspective as an observer, let's hand it over to Megan herself. I recently asked her to share some of the details about how she got her virtual assistant career started...

Learning new digital skills to start working online takes some serious motivation and action. What was your big reason ‘why’ for getting started?

Megan Pennypacker - Quaint SocialMy family and I wanted more freedom and to use the income for God's kingdom, to give more, live well, and finally travel!

Did you have any skills or experience from your past offline work history that you’ve been able to draw on in getting started?

I had worked as an administrative assistant before I had kids. Friends and family would sometimes come to me for help with figuring out tech-y things. Why not get paid for my 'hobby?!'

How did The Online Biz Skills training help?

The Online Biz Skills training helped in so many ways. There was an almost immediate return on investment- before I even completely finished the course! I was able to learn some of the highest paying skills since the videos were incredibly thorough. The training has paid for itself many times over!

Any particular part of the course that you’ve found the most useful or enjoyable?

The whole course was amazing. I loved learning the actual skills, but the last unit was my favorite. It really goes through the "how-to" of starting to run your business and gives great pointers for working with your first clients.

How did you find and connect with your first clients?

I found my first couple of clients on Upwork. I took a whole week and sent in about 17 different applications before getting one job. Within the week, I had my first client. It was a short-term job as a project manager for book reviews, but it got my foot in the door in the virtual assisting world. I got my second client a couple of weeks later and I am still working for that client today!

What kinds of services are you helping your clients with at the moment?

I am currently helping my clients with social media and blog management, LeadPages, graphic design, designing lead magnets, e-mail marketing, research, and e-mail management.

What has been the best part of working online so far?

The best part of working online has been interacting with my clients and seeing their satisfaction from their growing businesses, building a team I love, and being more free financially.

What was the most challenging part of getting started? How were you been able to get around it or work with it?

Filling out all of the first Upwork applications and learning more new skills while working as a VA have been the most challenging parts. I was able to work with it by researching, by referencing The Online Biz Skills, and by watching YouTube videos.

Where do you usually work from? What’s your absolute fave place to work?

My desk and my bed are my usual work places! I hope to someday work in a beautiful, exotic location!