Get skilled up to work online.

Enrollment closes July 15th, 2019.

Get paid to help businesses online.

'The Online Biz Skills' is a tutorial-based video training program to master the digital marketing implementation services and systems that are in high-demand by business owners.

Most people that work online aren't running big online businesses
as entrepreneurs.

Coming up with a unique new business idea, creating a blog around your life's passion or selling physical products in an online store are all feasible ways to replace your 9 to 5 grind income. People are succeeding with those approaches every day.

But, did you know that's not how the majority of people who work online actually generate their ongoing income?

So how DO most of them do it then?

By providing services remotely or 'virtually' to people who have already built those businesses, otherwise referred to as being a freelancer, virtual assistant, remote team member or online service provider. They're paid an hourly rate or project fee in exchange for being the 'doer' person who puts the business owner's plans into action.

Think about it, how many of the people at the last company you worked for (or even in your current job right now) were the doers, the implementers... as opposed to the managers and strategists? It's heavily weighted on the side of the doers right? There's a WHOLE lot more people who are in the 'get it done' crew in any business, doing the daily tasks that keep the business ticking over.

Well, that's exactly how it works in the online world too. And the only two reasons that it isn't so obvious on the internet are because:

1. We aren't all commuting to one common physical location (an office) each day to work side-by-side and see all those other people around, and...

2. It's a cultural trend that we're going through right now that emphasizes entrepreneurship - becoming your own boss - over working for someone else as the ultimate solution for living a happier life. And so that's what you keep hearing about day in and day out on all those blogs—new strategies and systems for building your own business online.

It's an excellent goal to have—wanting to design your own life, have more freedom, have more time and money. If you've already tried to build an online business and it hasn't created the level of income you need, or you're studying that right now but haven't gotten off the starting blocks just yet, I want you to know there is absolutely no need to let your dream of a freedom lifestyle die.


Creating a stable online income doesn't have to be so hard.

It really doesn't. At VA Lifestyle Design, we believe that becoming an online service provider is THE fastest,
most direct path there is to working flexibly, on
your own terms, and in the location you choose.

Learning the key online business skills that people are willing to pay for takes work and dedication, but it doesn't have to be hard or slow.

It also doesn't need to involve the 'feast or famine' rollercoaster ride of unpredictable income that is a common pitfall of becoming a freelancer.

In fact, with the right training and skills under your belt, you could be receiving your first paycheck deposited into your account in a matter of weeks.

That’s exactly why we created The Online Biz Skills —there's a disconnect in the online marketplace right now whereby people coming out of offline jobs aren't familiar or experienced with the tools and systems used in online business. Then there are online business owners who are desperately seeking people they can count on, but not having the time to train people who are newbies to online business.

This comprehensive training course is your ticket to mastering the core online marketing implementation skills that business owners are ready and willing to pay you an hourly rate for, right now!

Here's where it's at...

Through recorded screencast tutorials, train with me to learn how to provide proactive support to business owners, managing their blog post and content publishing, email marketing, social media content and community, landing page creation and digital customer support.

This isn't a conceptual 'how to make money online' internet marketing course.

It’s an in-depth series of structured video tutorials that will actually train you to provide specific support services to online business owners right away.

When you complete the course, you’ll have the confidence and experience to secure work online as a supporting virtual assistant or member of a 'virtual team' where you'll get paid for completing work that's delegated to you. Like regular work in that regard, but in so many other ways it's literally a whole new world.


By learning these core skills you'll
have the opportunity to...

Put your life goals firmly back on the center stage: world travel, more time with family, more money for health and fitness pursuits, or just more income to take the pressure off.

Start actually learning online business from the inside out. As an online service provider, your internet marketing study is no longer theoretical, it becomes hands-on.

Use your new skills + experience to keep building and building both the number of hours of steady work you have each week, and the hourly rate you're able to charge for that work.

Start creating a network of colleagues online with whom you can share information, opportunities and all-round general excitement for life! Seriously.

Ditch your alarm clock once and for all, and trade the one hour commute, ironing, doing hair & make-up routine for a one hour leisurely breakfast instead. Every. Day.

Cook yourself a good lunch, or make yourself a healthy smoothie in your own kitchen whenever you darn well please. Better yet, make more money and have someone help you to cook!

Pick up your laptop and relocate to a more inspiring location whenever it's called for. The local Starbucks? A beautiful library? Costa Rica? Bali? Nowhere is out of bounds on weekdays anymore. Freedom.

Slow down the pace of life and really get back to what's important for you. Integrate your work, life and family routine in anyway you choose.


That's a taste of what it's like to design your freedom lifestyle backed by the ongoing income you create as an online service provider.

So what exactly are
The Online Biz Skills and
how does the course work?

The course is broken down into 9 units, with each unit containing 6 to 8 video lessons. In each unit you'll also have access to the process checklists and Google Doc templates—the exact same training materials I've used successfully within my service business at Greason Media.

You'll have access to the entire course when you enroll, so that you can progress through the units at the pace that suits your current goals and life circumstances. Aiming to complete one unit each week, you'll be trained and ready to start connecting with paying clients within two months. If you don't have a day job or full time family commitments right now, well, you can do it faster if you choose.


Get skilled up to work online as a virtual assistant or
digital marketing support freelancer.

Member access details go out on July 16th, 2019.

Here are the 9 units
you'll be studying...

That's the full kit you need
to make it happen.

The only questions now are... How much do you want it? How determined are you to create a flexible income, to blend life and work on your own schedule and terms?

I've put 7+ years of experience, training and consulting into this course, so that you can really shortcut the learning curve to start providing digital support services with confidence.

Meet your skills trainer...

I'm Danielle Greason,
founder of Greason Media
& VA Lifestyle Design.

Five years ago I found myself in the situation where I desperately wanted out of the hustle and bustle, to move to a tropical climate and a slower pace of life with my husband and kids.

I thought at the time that the only way to make such a thing happen was to learn how to build an online business, entrepreneur style.

Tim Ferriss' book "The 4-Hour Workweek" was at the height of its popularity and on-the-ground internet marketing seminars were attracting record numbers in my home country, Australia.

It was the early stages of this revolution we're lucky enough to be living through right now, where the quality of internet technology and tools means that we can feasibly do our jobs from anywhere that has a decent Wi-Fi connection.

It seems like a small change, but the way this new freedom has completely transformed so many people's lives is incredible. I love meeting these people and hearing their unique stories, from all corners of the globe.

I know what it feels like to know it's possible, know there are people out there already doing it, know you have the work ethic and learning capacity to do what it takes, but just not knowing what exactly is the fastest way to generating an income.

I also know the boundless demand there is in the online world right now for reliable people who have the basic necessary skills, and the availability to support a business owner on an ongoing basis.

If you want a location independent lifestyle right now, it's yours. You don't have to take big risks or become an entrepreneur to do it. You don't need start-up capital. You don't need a business plan. All you need is... skills.

That fact alone gets me pretty fired up! I love that the world is changing and there are more opportunities to live the good life, whatever that means to you. That's why I created this course.

Enrollment closes Monday,
July 15th at 10:00pm EDT.

There’s never been a better time in history to create a flexible income and set up your life with the freedom to choose your schedule and location. This is the resource that'll get you skilled up to make that transition.

Done-For-You Client Workflow Checklists.

Clone and customize my Google Doc and Google Sheet client workflow checklists to produce polished work, even as a beginner.

Free Access to Future Updates

Whenever we re-record a video tutorial or update our client checklists, you'll receive the latest versions for free.

Freelancer Community Support

Start building your network of online colleagues right away inside our active Facebook Mastermind private group. As a member, you have ongoing future access.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not thrilled with the value you're getting, we'll happily return your investment within the first 30 days.

The Online Biz Skills


Paid in full, USD.
Or 3 monthly payments of $210.
Member access details go out
on July 16th, 2019.


"The Online Biz Skills course was invaluable in setting in motion what I'd been searching for (in regards to online, location independent work). Without this course I would still be floundering.

This course gives step by step direction in not only software, but also in how to gain and keep clients. The entire course is great, but I would have to say the most useful section was on how to Be Irreplaceable. It has so much information that is vital to using the skills taught successfully."

—Samantha DenBleyker, 
Blog, Social Media, & Email Marketing Support

“The Online Biz Skills training helped in so many ways. There was an almost immediate return on investment- before I even completely finished the course! I was able to learn some of the highest paying skills since the videos were incredibly thorough.

The training has paid for itself many times over! The whole course was amazing. I loved learning the actual skills, but the last unit was my favorite. It really goes through the "how-to" of starting to run your business and gives great pointers for working with your first clients.”

—Megan Pennypacker,

How long will it take to complete the full course?

The video lessons within the 9 core training units are pre-recorded so that you can take the training at the pace that fits your current priorities. As a guideline, I recommend aiming to complete one full unit per week, in which case you'll complete the course in a period of 2 months and be ready to take on clients.

Is there a time limit to access to the course materials?

Nope, there's no time limit. You'll have ongoing access to all of the video lessons, templates and checklists, so that you can keep referring back to them whenever you need to as you begin working with clients.


How much can I earn with these skills in the course?

The hourly rate and total income you can earn with these online marketing support services is completely up to you. These in-demand skills provide you with the capacity to earn an ongoing income working completely online, but your actual rate will be determined by variables such as the quality of online presence you set up (your profile or website), the type and quality of clients you seek out and the effectiveness of your communication with them.

The great thing about freelancing is that you set your own rate and working terms and then find the clients who are excited to work with you on that basis.

Is there an additional cost involved to access the software systems I'll learn in the course?

Each of the systems you'll be studying provides some type of free trial or demo account access at no cost. Sometimes you'll need to enter a credit card to access the trial version for a fixed period of time. We provide a detailed spreadsheet inside the training portal with links to each of the software app trials. If you decide you'd like further practise in the systems following the trial period, you would pay for a temporary subscription for that particular service.

However, the screencast tutorials within The Online Biz Skills course are so detailed that we think you'll be in a good position to get started working with clients right away. Your client will be the one who is subscribed to and paying for the software you'll be using to support them in their business.


Do I need to have any prior marketing or website experience to take this course?

You don't need any prior marketing or technical website experience. In this course you'll be learning how to use some of the most popular online software systems that business owners use to manage their business and implement their online marketing. The lessons will take you right into the detail of how that's done, but even after you've completed the study, your initial work with clients will be helping them with implementing their plans, rather than providing marketing strategy or consulting expertise. You can move onto that type of work offering consultation in online marketing later if you choose to.

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