What's this all about?

The internet has finally allowed us to break free from all the monotonous, energy-stealing lifestyle norms that are still hanging around after the industrial revolution.

By allowing us to exchange value (services or products) with any other business or individual located virtually anywhere in the world, we’re now able to write our own paychecks. Paychecks that don’t require our dutiful 9-5 attendance in a fluro-lit, air-conditioned cubicle or construction site.


This is the exact scenario people have been dreaming about for years. And right now it seems like a unanimous human desire to basically be able to do what you really want to, when you want to do it.

It’s not too much to ask, right?

Well at least in our Western world, where we have the fortunate luxury of even being able to ponder such things.

If you want to build a location independent career, there are two critical things you'll need:

1. The absolute conviction that it's doable.
2. The skills to provide business support remotely. (From your laptop, that is!)

When you can leverage someone else’s experience and learning curve to fast track both, the path forward becomes clear.

So that’s what we do here at VA Lifestyle Design... we contribute to the growing sea of location independent inspiration so that you’ve got just one more concrete example of the fact that yes, it’s absolutely doable. And I share with you the digital skills that you can use to provide support to businesses, so that you can earn your income flexibly, from home or abroad.

Conviction builds when you expand your awareness of what’s possible, when you see someone that’s just like you doing what you want to be doing, and find out how they did it. Skill and resourcefulness builds as you take action, experiment and take stock on the results.

That’s exactly what this site is all about: designing your life to live and work 'virtually anywhere' in the world, so that you can enjoy your days hanging out on this planet, with your family, doing exactly what you want to be doing.

What a relief, eh? Get ready to exhale, big time!


Meet Dan & Danielle Greason

We’re Dan and Danielle. In 2011 we left our city life in Australia for a sea change to Costa Rica with our two young toddlers in tow. The plan was a simple one: drop the oppressing overheads of every day life, quit the grind, get some spaciousness back in the day, hang out together in nature, and generally have an all round good time actually enjoying family life.

And you know what? The plan worked!

It took a few leaps of faith and fair chunk of commitment to get to the job done, but we both agree it’s the best investment of effort we’ve ever put forth.

The pay off for the hard work?

The contentment of knowing we actually, really, truly, love our life. Even when no one is looking. The peace of knowing we’re no longer waiting for the weekend, for the roadtrip, for retirement.

As a carpenter, Dan was waking at crazyhours of the morning to travel to commercial building sites and put in a full day's work to make sure the bills were paid each week.

Danielle loved having the opportunity to not work for the first couple of years of family life while our daughters were both under two, but we spent most of that time either apart, running on no sleep, or, frantically tending to household logistics: the nappies, the feeding, the cleaning, the cooking. You know the drill, just regular young family city life. There aren't many gaps left unfilled by financial or household demands.

There’s not much room left to think, breathe, or just be yourself.

Many people told us this was just the way of the world – you put in your time ’til the first of your kids is in school. At which point, some sense of sanity (so the story goes) is gradually restored to daily life, either by the extra time or the extra money now available from the second parent’s income. God help you if you want to actually homeschool your kids. Then where is that blessed second income supposed to come from?


Don’t get us wrong, we weren’t in desperate hardship. Dan was earning good money. We went to the park or the mall on the weekends. We were having fun. But… the intensity of the whole charade was just too high and we KNEW that there absolutely must be another way.

So it turns out, thousands of couples, singles and young families around the world had already discovered this other way or were coming to these same conclusions right about that same time as us back in 2011. The trend continues to this day and there's no end in sight.In fact, you could say there is a revolution going on right now!

And it’s all thanks to a magical technological advancement we were lucky enough to be born into the generation to experience: the Internet!

If you'd like to learn more about how we did it and the skills you need for a freedom income you can take anywhere, click through to get started with the skills framework video series.